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Terms & Conditions / Product Disclaimer

By purchasing from ("seller"), you agree to the following provisions:

(1) any product sold by seller will not be bought for, or furnished for use to, any individual under the age of 13;

(2) buyer will not use or allow to be used any of seller's products without making sure the user of any of seller's products wears adequate protection. Adequate protection, at the minimum, means the use of a helmet, kneepads, elbow-pads and wrist pads;

(3) buyer agrees to hold seller harmless for any act of negligence, strict liability or any tort for that matter. Seller will not be liable for any injuries to buyer (or any person) resulting from the direct or indirect use of any products purchased from seller;

(4) Buyer understands that batteries used in seller's products may overheat and such heat may produce fire. Although seller has no knowledge of seller's products experiencing such conditions, other similar products in the market have had such conditions arise. Buyer agrees to hold seller harmless from any damage that may result from over-heating or from fires produced by any of seller's products;

(5) Seller disclaims all implied warranties and similar obligations including but not limited to those of fitness for a particular purpose, and merchantability, whether otherwise arising by law, custom, usage, trade practice, course of dealing, or course of performance. There are no warranties which extend beyond those express warranties, if any. Buyer affirms that it has not relied upon seller's skill nor judgment to select or furnish the goods for any particular purpose beyond the specific express warranties in the agreement. All of seller's products are sold as-is.

(6) All prices and specifactions are subject to change without notice. Prices are final as of time of time order was placed. Any discrepancy, including wrong items or missing items, must be reported within 36 hours of delivery.

*Do not purchase any products from seller if you do not agree to the terms above*