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6.5″ Racing White Classic Hoverboard

Starting at: $380.00  $229.99


White Hoverboard is in our Classic Range and is CE Certified with a Charger and Genuine Batteries, this robust, safe hoverboard and is the perfect present for Children and Adults.

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Classic White Hoverboard

The Classic White Hoverboard is a high selling hoverboards, excellent for Beginner riders to get-to-grips in minutes of learning. This White Hoverboard is ready to use after only 2 hours of charging time and is able to travel up to 12 Miles at a fast speed of 12 Mph! The two powerful electric motors are 250W and are capable of carrying a max weight of 20 Stone thanks to the extra-strong Aluminum chassis, finished with Durable lacquer paint on a classic design.

This Hoverboard has two LED lights on the front/back, display symbols in the center to display battery and warning messages, 6.5″ long-life tyres and genuine batteries specially built for these hoverboards. We make sure that every hoverboard we send out is completely Safe and has undergone sufficient checks before it’s sent out to the customer, if you have any questions please visit our page for more information. (Bag not included)