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6.5″ Daytona Red Bluetooth Hoverboard

Starting at: $399.99  $219.99


Classic Red Bluetooth Hoverboard which has built in Bluetooth so you can connect your device and stream music as you cruise.

100% Safety Tested | Genuine Battery | UL Charger.

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Bluetooth Daytona Red Hoverboard

This is a new range of hoverboards which has the Bluetooth feature built in, this allows you to easily connect your Bluetooth device to the hoverboard and stream music whilst you’re cruising around.

Included with this Bluetooth Hoverboard

  • 1x Approved Daytona Red Bluetooth Hoverboard.
  • 1x CE/UL Approved Charger pack with Plug.
  • 1x English user manual (getting started, general info).
  • Built in Genuine Battery with Protection Circuit.

All of our boards are built with the highest quality electrical components built to last and come with a genuine long-life lithium-ion battery, so you can be rest assured that you’ll have a completely safe tested and approved board which is designed to last for years. We ensure that every board which leaves our distribution centre is internally checked before delivery so you don’t have to worry about a thing! (Bag not included)