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6.5″ Bronze Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard

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New Bronze Chrome Hoverboard with Bluetooth Music with Genuine Batteries, CE Certified Plug & Charger.

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Bronze Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard

This new and amazing Bronze Chrome Hoverboard with built-in Bluetooth has hit the market, similar to the MySegboard Classics the chrome design and additional built-in Bluetooth makes it stand out from the crowd by a mile.

The Bronze Chrome hoverboard with Bluetooth weighs just 9.3kgs so you can carry it almost everywhere, making it the ideal personal transportation gadget! You can be sure to cruise around without speed or battery issues with this hoverboard as it’s built with 2x 250W powerful motors and reliable Samsung batteries meaning you can go up-to 12 miles per hour and a staggering distance of 10-12 miles. whilst you play your favourite music directly from your Bluetooth device straight to your Bluetooth hoverboard.

So why should you buy from our store?

We ensure that all of our hoverboard are 100% genuine and completely safe for all of our customers to use, they’re properly quality checked before dispatched and come with a CE Certified plug and charger, you can read all about our buying advice when it comes to hoverboards